April 13, 2012

What's Your Best Leadership Advice?

That is a question I posted as a recent Facebook status update. Leadership isn’t easy and it takes skill, patience, time and experience.

Here are the insightful responses

Elizabeth Grattan Be sure there are people actually following you. ;)

Maureen Turner Rasmussen Listen.

Vivian Vasquez Definitely listen.

Maryse Senecal Lead by example, always.

Kevin Hamil No one has all the answers to don't think you need to
or worse think you already do.

Charrise McCrorey Be you.

Chris Young If you want to be a leader, make sure you're worth following.

Michelle Fortin Stay curious and access your compassion when you are feeling frustration. Oh yes, and read "Power and Love" by Adam Kahane :)

Andrew Hedges Be transparent.

Lydia Robertson Actually care.

Steve Gamlin Live as an GOOD example.

Catherine Jones First learn how to follow.

Joel Scott Good leaders are good listeners and don't ask someone to do something
you never would or won't. Lead by example.

Glen Bryant Be fair. Be consistent. Be credible.

Barbara Nixon Listen.

Kathy Hahn Become the example.

Chris Kennedy Integrity must be the #1 core value demonstrated win all actions and decisions – especially during crisis and when having to deliver bad news.

Helen Smith Be present. Learn where to help and when to get out of the way.

Jeff Schueler Engage everyone in the outcome.

Carol Roy Respect everyone for where they're at in life/career and always support
where they want to go. Be honest, at all costs.

Wendy White-Katsipodas Be honest. Something that used to be a man's word for the people he leads.

Brendan Jones Be dishonest and you are a fool if you don't know they know.

Scott Armstrong Listen.

Sarah Montague Listen and let other people lead.

Great advice from some strong leaders.
Clearly one word keeps coming up – listen!

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