June 26, 2012

Our Collective Impatience

Let’s face it, we don’t want to wait and see. We have no interest in letting it formulate. We want it all to work out, in our favor, right now. We have the patience of a three year old and it’s getting worse.

Many self-appointed business, marketing and social media experts or gurus continue to claim that the conversation is how business leaders will gain what they need. All you need to do is make friends and your dreams will be delivered by diminutive characters wearing emerald apparel riding strange horned stallions.

How Can I Help You?

Your customers and clients don’t care about your influence score or how many people pinned your sale on Pinterest. They have zero interest in the fact that you’re the #1 volume dealer, have been in business for 3 generations or that your product is 13% better than your competition. Their need is their focus.

Business and human relationships require work. Hard work. Real work. As long as we use the return on investment crutch, we will forever focus on the return and not our investment. How much are we putting in before we can expect anything out.


The bigger question is your return on expectation or return on intention. What do you want from this deal, event, friend, partnership, campaign, etc? If you don’t know, then throwing a tantrum when it doesn’t go your way, won’t help.

Business and relationships are not created by the click of a mouse. You wouldn't let a stranger take care of your child or visit your home for a meal, so why would you expect them to instantly love and embrace you?

Some connections start through technology, but if we expect more return, we need to invest more on a human level which will help curb our impatience.

Kneale Mann

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