July 15, 2012

We’re All The Same

You may want a raised bungalow with a pool while she has her eyes set on that new condo building downtown, but it’s not about the stuff, it’s about the stuff inside. It’s about the stuff that drives us to find passion in our work and relationships.

Climbing some corporate ladder begins to lose its luster after a while. There has to be more. We need to strive for growth in areas other than titles and compensation. Yes, we want to make a living but the key word is living, not sustenance.

Show You The Money?

I could triple your salary then take away all of your freedom and creativity, and you may enjoy some new toys for a while but it won’t last long. The victories and challenges we think back on are rarely linked to salary or position. Anyone who got there, had to struggle to get there. There are no short-cuts, there are no lottery tickets, there are no replacements for doing the work.

I have the unique privilege of working with leaders from Canada, Belgium, Germany, the U.S., and China and we may not be as different as we suspect. I often refer to a quote that makes a lot of sense. Maybe it will resonate with you.

No matter how many mistakes or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t even trying. 
Tony Robbins

Kneale Mann

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