August 15, 2012

Compulsive Disclosure Disorder

There is an ailment, a condition if you will, that has captured the attention of the global medical and scientific communities. The origins trace back to our earliest ancestors but it appears to have accelerated rapidly in the last few decades. From afar, it may appear innocuous but could prove chronic and dangerous.

Those afflicted may not know it. Their actions seem innocent. Their need to belong, be validated, and connect becomes so strong, they are compelled to share every blemish, recipe, setback, mood, argument, road trip stop, victory, meal, and event in their lives whenever the urge strikes them. Some experts call it Compulsive Disclosure Disorder.

Not Limited to Online Use

CDD (and closely related TMI) can appear suddenly at meetings, on conference calls, and in boardrooms. In extreme cases, sufferers must share whenever and wherever they can. Although not severe, most of us have had the occasional slip up.

The path to recovery begins with curbing the need to share our exact thought at any given moment. Inside voices are permitted and often encouraged to remain inside. If you know someone with CDD, gently remind them that some details of their lives are okay to keep to themselves.

Let’s remain strong.

Kneale Mann

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