September 27, 2012

Inspirational People #4

A while back, we started a regular feature on this site highlighting people who inspire others. There are three rules. Is the information valuable to my work or life? Is the author doing actual work to back it up? Do they challenge me, make me think, and/or make me move to do something? If you have someone in mind, send me an email. I'm currently sifting through more than two dozen lists from contributors so be patient.

These inspirational people were suggested by Jennifer Johnston. If you need a bright and experienced digital marketing professional who will help your company grow, Jennifer can help so reach out to her.

April Dunford

Take an engineer, toss in marketing expertise, mix in a lot of business start-up experience, finish with a nice layer of leadership and that’s April. She remains an adviser and board member for many start-ups while consulting the likes of IBM and Siebel Systems. And she is fully immersed in the social web.

Nate Silver

As the world appears to get more complicated, the importance of mathematics and literature continue to increase. Nate is a statistician who first made a name for himself by predicting performance and development of Major League Baseball players. He applied it to the 2008 U.S. Presidential election and correctly predicted the winner of 49 of 50 states. He then established his own website and is now a regular columnist for the New York Times. Have a look at his predictions for the 2012 election.

Steven Pinker

Language is an interesting topic. There is much more going on behind the words we use including culture, intention, slang, innuendo, and euphemisms. Canadian born Pinker has been studying cognitive behavior and linguistics for years. While we struggle with the intricate art of communication, Steven studies the mind as a writer, published author of six books, and professor at Harvard. Fascinating guy.

Dave Brodbeck

Another brainiac, David specializes in cognitive psychology with a key interest in learning and memory in both humans and the animal kingdom. He is a avid researcher in behavioral ecology, animal cognition, statistical procedures, and evolutionary psychology. In his spare time he enjoys studying video game design using psychological techniques. And we thought we just did stuff.

Thanks JJ!

Kneale Mann

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