September 30, 2012


Unless you work in complete isolation without any human contact, you collaborate. One of my passions is helping people become better leaders and companies to become more collaborative but what does that mean? Well it depends on the situation and the organization but the threads are leadership, communication, and teamwork which begin at the individual level.

Leadership abilities are inside each of us. That doesn't mean we all have to run Fortune 500 enterprises or even be the manager of a team. It’s about the human side of leading ourselves and those around us. And we shouldn't wait until someone becomes a manager to recognize and amplify these talents. We can show leadership in many ways and that can begin at an early age.

Cameron Harold was a terrible student. He hated school and barely squeaked by with terrible grades. His business career began when he was 6 and he has become a wildly successful speaker and entrepreneur.

Cameron says the need for entrepreneurs is as essential as for doctors and lawyers. He outlines his journey and business ideas in his talk at TEDxEdmonton.

Kneale Mann

TED | Cameron Harold
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