December 28, 2012

Is Hope Your Strategy?

You've heard the saying – doing the same things expecting different results – but how many of us still do it? We hope this time the campaign will work, this time the client will understand, this time the tactic will gain traction. It’s human nature to miss our part of the equation as what may need to change.

All too often we cite external reasons why our past efforts have not garnered better results. The radio campaign didn't work, television is expensive, social media are too much work, we did pamphlets last time and that should work this time.

Nothing replaces strong leadership, good products or services, and hard work. But all that may not be enough.

This is not to suggest you are doing things wrong or your business plan is flawed but it simply takes a breather from the treadmill to examine the situation calmly. You need to find a way to look at things from 30,000 feet. And that, of course, is easier said than done but should be done.

Take 30 minutes, go off by yourself, turn your phone off and just let your mind rest. Your million dollar idea may not come to you in half an hour but you need to shut off the noise or you will never get there.

We need a break, perspective, space to think and we so rarely make time for it yet it is paramount in the success of our projects. Without ample think time you can spin in the wrong direction quickly and often. It can get rather pear shaped in short order.

A break may bring the answers you've been too busy to find

Kneale Mann

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