February 27, 2013

900 and Counting

This site began in April 2008. Since then, there have been clients and challenges and colleagues and new friends and projects and pets passing and car purchases and successes and business trips and all the other elements of life in five years.

All the while, the promise of keeping this site alive with some opinions each week has been kept. In fact, in just under 1800 days, there has now been 900 posts and visitors have dropped by from more than 165 countries. Amazing. Thank-you!

The Human Network

The social web has opened lines of business revenue, a business partnership, and connected me with countless wonderful people I would not have otherwise met in ten lifetimes. If you ever have inkling to share your ideas online in a consistent matter, do it, be true to it, don’t apologize for it, and remember you are your first reader. If some disagree with you, they can go elsewhere. Your freedom of expression is alive and well.

A mentor once reminded me to always keep learning, reading, and writing which is what I will do for as long as those who decide such things let me do it. Once in while I will tell you about what may be going on with my business and we'll continue discussing how to help build inspirational cultures through strong leadership.

You’re always welcome to contact me via email and we can chat. Or we can connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Thanks for visiting. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Kneale Mann

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