March 1, 2013

No Leap Required

Every morning, I like to share a quote or saying or thought on Twitter. These are meant to make you think, move, or perhaps just smile.

Here’s the list from February 2013

Never underestimate the power of your ability. Make time for think time every day.
If you don't give it a shot, how will you know? What will you do today that will positively affect your life? Someday will never arrive.

Potential without action is talking. The best place to start is now.
How will you inspire today? Don't wait for others to endorse your passion and goals.

Two words that mean a lot - you're welcome.

Managers can lead but great leaders don't over manage. Make time for them time. Don't let others dictate your goals.

Do you have a team or just a group of people who happen to work together?
What got us here may not get us there.

Embrace your strengths then share them. Embrace their strengths then share them.
Make time for play time. Never underestimate your ability to affect positive change.

Culture Matters

Kneale Mann

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