June 19, 2013

Are You a Good Citizen?

If you visit here regularly, you may have gathered I have deep passion to help managers become stronger leaders and companies to have collaborative culture. There is ample measurable data available to show any naysayer that a happy workplace creates a more profitable enterprise. This is the work we love doing with clients at the Heart of Culture.

Dr. Bret L Simmons is a professor at the University of Reno. We met years ago through Twitter. We have since connected on the phone to discuss our passions for helping people grow, leadership, organizational development, and culture. I look forward to more chats.

His TEDx Reno keynote takes it one critical step forward.  

Kneale Mann | Leadership and Culture strategist, writer, speaker, executive coach engaging leaders, collaborative teams, and strong business results.

Bret L Simmons | TEDx Reno
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