August 30, 2013

Sound Advice from Leaders

A while back I asked some well respected people in my life to give their best leadership advice. I was looking at the list again this week and thought I'd share it again and add in insights from some more household names.

Maureen Turner Rasmussen Listen.
Richard Branson Do something bold.
Elizabeth Warren Try the Unexpected
Vivian Vasquez Definitely listen.
Maria Shriver Have the courage go beyond shoulda could woulda.
Maryse Senecal Lead by example, always.
Kevin Hamil No one has all the answers so don't think you need to
or worse think you already do.
Joel Peterson Don’t do anything that matters without first setting a goal.
Charrise McCrorey Be you.
Chris Young If you want to be a leader, make sure you're worth following.
Arianna Huffington Find your place of wisdom and peace and strength.
Andrew Hedges Be transparent.
Lydia Robertson Actually care.
Steve Gamlin Live as an GOOD example.
Catherine Jones First learn how to follow.
Joel Scott Good leaders are good listeners and don't ask someone to do something
you never would or won't. Lead by example.
Sheryl Sandberg Follow your dream. Lean In.
Glen Bryant Be fair. Be consistent. Be credible.
Barbara Nixon Listen.
Jeff Immelt The world awaits your leadership.
Kathy Hahn Become the example.
Helen Smith Be present. Learn where to help and when to get out of the way.
Jeff Schueler Engage everyone in the outcome.
Carol Roy Respect everyone for where they're at in life/career and always support
where they want to go. Be honest, at all costs.
Wendy White-Katsipodas Be honest.
Brendan Jones Be dishonest and you are a fool if you don't know they know.
Randi Zuckerberg Be careful what you get good at.
Scott Armstrong Listen.
Sarah Montague Listen and let other people lead.
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