April 21, 2014

No One Wants to Hear About it

It’s an interesting time. We are connected through mobile devices, websites, social networks, work relationships, personal connections, media, music, content, data, and yet when we stop for just a moment, we can feel alone.

I've had some fascinating chats recently with colleagues, clients, and friends about the everyday trials and tribulations of life. Money, relationships, career, bad things, good times, life stuff, and it’s interesting that one theme has come up quite often. I've heard this phrase more than most – “But no one wants to hear about that part.”

If They Only Knew

I was speaking with a well respected author a couple of weeks ago and she said no one wants to hear about the times when she struggled. On her first book tour she got nervous every time the hotel would try her credit card to clear for the incidentals. She was close to the wire and yet to most who knew her and many who know of her, she was wildly successful. She was a published author after all.

Recently I had a situation where things didn't go well. And then I had a call with a very good friend who told me I was not alone – in the way I was feeling or in the situation I was enduring. He wasn't glossing over it or my feelings but it was a good reminder that we are often stronger than we think.

We’re Not Alone

Advice from a wise friend came back to me recently. He told me about when he was going through his divorce. On those dark days he would go feed the homeless or help at a shelter. He said it may not be for everyone but the point was it gave him perspective which is something we seem to lose sight of the most.

We're not always strong. We don't have it figured out. We get scared and angry. We're people not machines and that affects ourselves and everyone around us. But you’re dealing with something right now and you’re not alone. Pick up the phone. You will find there are people who do want to hear about it and help you through it.

And that’s the best leadership there is – the human kind.
Kneale Mann | Leadership Strategist, consultant, writer, speaker, executive coach facilitating performance growth with leaders, management, and teams.

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