November 6, 2014

34 and Counting...

We love lists. Here’s another one. Many of the items here I don’t practice enough. It’s not always easy. We let busy get in our way. We let doubt creep in. We get lost in work. We get lost in life. We give up too easily. Perhaps you can relate.

Let’s keep at it!

Trust yourself. Learn every day. Keep moving. Be bold. Learn from yesterday focus on today. Try something new. Ignore naysayers. Eat the cookie. Keep something just for you. Do not give up. Listen to your heart. Imagine then do.

Take control of your life. Say thank-you. Fill your life with music. Get back up. Be open. Turn your phone off. Have the pie. Walk away from hurtful people.

Take more chances. Spend an entire day with your favorite person, often. Love yourself. Enjoy life. Take one more step every day. Be kind to you. Lose the fear. Believe. Learn the lesson. Sleep in. Take the shot. Keep at it. Love unconditionally.

Enjoy the moment.
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