December 15, 2014

Resolutions and Reflection

The calendar year is drawing to a close so it’s only natural we think back on what went well, not so well, and the lessons we learned, while preparing for that magical turn of the year for new ideas, triumphs, relationships, opportunities, challenges, and more.

For me and many I know, it has been both a challenging and enlightening year. Perhaps only my perception, but it seems many are sifting through their lives for what makes sense, what needs attention, and most importantly, what can be improved to reach personal goals. Happiness and fulfillment seem to be a common theme more than material wealth or professional advancement.

What is your next want?

We get distracted by the ominous and often unclear goal of finding our passion and achieving our dreams. If you’re a regular visitor here, you know I think relationships are the key to all we do and where our most profound lessons and experiences reside.

There are people who have touched your life who would love to hear from you. You've been thinking about giving them a call while excuses and busy have kept you from doing so as time continues to pass. So this year while you are reflecting and looking forward, find a moment and give them a call. Some may be happy to hear from you and wish you well while others may surprise you.

What happens next may be just what you need right now.
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