February 23, 2015

Not-So-Common Sense of Communication

I seem to be having a lot of conversations about communication these days. We have devices glued to our hands and laptops within reach so it gives us the impression we are connected but how well are we communicating?

I’ve been studying the concept of processing verses quick responses and though it is new learning for me, it’s quite effective. Taking a breath before hitting send, walking away for an hour to re-think the response, calling them back after some deliberation, all seem to be quite helpful.

That's not what I meant!

We know text and email are the worst possible ways we can communicate. Tone and intent are lost, people (me included) respond too quickly, and we have created an instant no patience society where we are expected to fire back ideas and responses with very little time to think.

The key to any relationship, team, company, or venture, is communication yet we are getting worse at it. Look at the last 10 emails you sent or received. Think back to the last time (probably within the last few days) you had to explain what you meant or re-send another note to clarify through electronic media.

Hang on a sec!

I am awful at taking time to think before sending. So here's what I'm going to try this week,  you may want to as well. Take another thirty seconds – which will feel like an eternity – before you send any text or email responses for one day. It’s like changing your diet or breaking a bad habit, it will take some practice.

If your entire team tries it for a week, imagine how better you will communicate.
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