February 26, 2015

Is No The Appropriate Response?

As a leader, how often do you race to the “no” before looking closer at the situation? Conversely, how often do you say “yes” by rote? I often ask business and community leaders what their organizations do and stand for, then dig deeper to find what they won’t stand for which garners some interesting responses.

For example; Will you do anything for revenue? Would you risk your company’s reputation by lying to a customer? Could you sleep soundly at night knowing your products harm people?

Closer to a Yes?

If you’re in sales, you know the infinite pain of a prospect who won’t get past maybe. Some may think maybe is closer to yes but it’s actually closer to avoidance which dies a painful death on its way to no. Often they don’t know how to say no so they hope it just goes away. Often a fast no is far better than a long maybe.

No could be suitable if it comprises your business principles while it might be premature if you encourage new and fresh ideas from your team. Sometimes no is easier than explaining why. Sometimes no can be an appropriate response and is a complete sentence, but are we using it properly?

That’s the real question.
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