April 19, 2015

Help Someone Up

I often say we see what we’re looking for but how often do we get what we don’t want? The human brain seems to do a great job of building up the negative energy in an instant yet it gets stuck on its way to positive thought. We get scared, we worry, and we play out scenarios that could take us in the wrong direction, which are destructive behaviors that get us nowhwere.

Earlier this week, I was reading a few articles on being bold. They sounded great – regret is worse than failure, freedom is better than money, I was getting excited and re-energized. But then that monkey brain takes over and the cycle continues.

Replacing Negative Thought with Positive Action

It’s clearly not enough to do what we tell each other to do and go for our passions, reach for our dreams, and dig deeper to find what we really want. Just saying it is just a bunch of words. If we don't take one more step today, we might wake up tomorrow beating ourselves up again.

We are battling generations of behavior inside each of us that contribute to our behavior maps that direct us to the wrong destinations. And we are doing it without a plan. We are hoping and wishing for a different result yet staying where we are.

Change is hard. Regret is worse.

I’ve been revisiting a great piece of advice recently. If we’re feeling down, help someone up. And it works. It feels great to take our minds away from our real or imagined problems and lend a helping hand to another.

It shakes loose the rubble of our confused and clutter minds to clear our way to potential ideas. So just for today, let's put aside what we are worried about and help someone up.

It could be exactly what we need.
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