June 26, 2015

I'm Feeling Reflective

My life has changed dramatically in the last 18 months. There is conventional wisdom that states we endure a few events in our lives that cause major upheaval and stress. They can change us, inspire us, hurt us, depress us, or any combination. Those include; a death close to us, a significant illness, the end of a long relationship, substantial career shift, selling a house, and moving to a new city.

I don’t put too much significance on dates but last January a long relationship ended and a year ago today I secured my first major move to a new city. Since then, I have moved cities again. My career has shifted. My relationships are stronger. I’m in a different space than I was this time last year. Some have remarked, I’m a different guy.

Life gets busy. Life goes fast.

We rarely make the time to slow it down for just a few moments to reflect on what is going well and what we have accomplished. Then carefully make a list of what we want next and down the road. I’m feeling especially reflective today because of the date.

The last year and a half has been a whirlwind and it was time to stop and take stock. Some of the events that have happened in your last year may have gone right by without you even noticing.

I stumbled onto an interesting site this week that outlines what happens in our world every second...

• 4 babies are born and 2 people die
• 100 lightning strikes have struck the ground
• 16 million tons of water has evaporated from the Earth’s surface
• 2.8 million emails are sent
• More than 100,000 Google searches are performed

So 4,730,400 seconds ago, my life began a very different and interesting path. There's no telling what the next 31 million will bring but it was worth stopping for a few moments to remember the overcome challenges and well-earned victories. And most of all, the people who stuck around for the ride.

Something you may want to do some time.
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