October 30, 2015

Making it a Reality

Between working on client stuff, meeting new potential clients, writing a book which has been quite an enlightening and soul searching process, and trying to figure out what this thing called life means, I've been approached to submit a proposal to speak at a TEDx event early next year. No humblebragging here, straight up, this is a huge honor.

The audience will be university students, professors, and guests. The theme of the day is theory to reality. At first I thought about the fact every company started with an idea. There are none that started without one, which is the theory.

Then the work begins...

But I think it happens more often than we realize. It might have happened to you today. An idea came to mind, you acted on it, boom it became a reality. So we may not want to minimize these moments as they can lead to the big things.

The other element I keep thinking about is kids and the chances they have as they embark on their journey of discovery and potentially a handful of different career paths. This lead me to Kiran Bir Sethi who is the founder Riverside School in India which teaches kids life’s most valuable lesson: I can. That's something we know-it-all scared adults seem to forget.

Watch this!

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