October 6, 2015

Stuck Why Stuck

As I work on my new book on leadership, culture, and how we get stuck, I was sifting through notes and files and old posts. This one struck a chord. I wrote it five years ago and it still rings true.

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A friend sent me a copy of Rick Butts’ e-book 7 Choices. In it, he talks about the time we work on us versus the time we work on what we do or getting customers or what we can offer. In 1943, Abraham Maslow outlined our need to belong in his paper The Hierarchy of Needs.

No matter your age or situation, you want your life to have purpose and passion. That is the core of why we may get stuck – we aren’t following either. We haven’t deciphered who we are and what drives our passion. All too often we seek external confirmation.

So why do we get stuck?

Is it because no one will help us realize our passion and purpose? Or is it that we haven’t discovered it inside us in order to tell people what we want?

Years ago, a friend gave me a copy of The Secret. I watched the first half of the film with my closed mind and arms folded and the second half taking notes. It wasn't the message, it was what we do with it. Intention, attraction, and most importantly action doesn't happen on its own. But finding what we want is more than half the battle.

We need action and focus. We are human. We get stuck. We fall into the same traps of listening to the opinions of naysayers. We fail to listen to that pang in deep in our gut. If you haven't experience this, count yourself very fortunate. That is extremely rare.

Help Is On The Way

Does this mean we shouldn’t discover people we trust to help us navigate this journey? Ask the most successful people on the planet if they get stuck and you will get a resounding – YES!

None of us is immune. But if someone asks you to help them get unstuck, forget their resume or the past and listen to what they need. If you do, magic will happen for both of you. Getting unstuck requires help and asking for it is our first step. If you're feeling stuck, let's chat.

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