January 15, 2016

Four Words That Could Save Your Life

Perhaps it's just my experience, but I'm having a lot of conversations lately about life purpose. Those include family issues, ending relationships, money, careers, marriage, fear, and it seems many I know (me included) are asking a lot of deep and difficult questions about the choices they make in their life.

Next week, I'm speaking at TEDxGuelphU and the process has turned into much more than I ever imagined. I was working on my talk and mentioned it on Twitter. Suddenly the flood gates opened. Someone I had never met reached out and offered to help. His name is Jordan Axani and you can see his talk down below.

Dig Deeper

We had a three hour call last week and in short, he tore me to shreds. He reminded me that doing a TEDTalk wasn't like any of the workshops I had done or speaking gigs or radio work years ago. This was different. If you're not familiar, TED stands for technology, education, and design. And the reasons I visit it several times a week is to learn about people's stories and experiences.

As I worked on my talk, it was as if I was telling my story in the third person. A close friend has been kicking my butt for a long while now and between the two of them I feel like I'm in a boxing match that is my life!

Four Words

I've eluded to it a few times here on this site, but the past few years have been a roller coaster and I had thought they were affecting my life now. Was I wrong! It's been a lifetime of habits and actions that have affected now and if you dig deep enough you'll discover the same for you.

More practice, more digging, I'll let you know how it goes next week, but I've discovered four words that could save your life. I've been using them a lot lately and the reactions have been amazing.

Can you help me?

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