April 26, 2016

Creating Urgency

We clever humans have tried to fool, cajole, and urge each other to buy things since we showed up on this dust bowl called Earth. Limited time offer, we only have three left on the lot, the sale ends Thursday, one-time exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity, the list goes on. We try to get each other's attention through the tactic of scarcity.

Our collective busy never seems to subside. We're constantly checking our mobile devices, refreshing the page, ensuring there are no new emails, and all the while our lives are flying by at the speed of that new mobile device that can send presentations to Japan in three seconds.

Slow down

Perhaps it's age; maybe perspective, but I feel myself slowing down. My work ethic hasn't waned; my desire to learn new things hasn't subsided; but a quiet Saturday morning with coffee and music is now just as - if not more - important than answering another email.

To say the world is a busier place today than it was even few years ago in some ways may be a safe assessment. All you need to do is walk through an major airport around 7 on any Monday morning and you can see the mayhem that is business travel. But the lingering question remains as we check our mobile devices at traffic lights and push our way to the connecting flight...

Are we actually getting any more done?
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