July 29, 2016

The Five P's of Business

Anyone in marketing can recite the four P's which are product, price, placement and promotion. But if marketing is all you do, how do you apply them to your business and go one further?


Have you ever been to a sporting event, good concert, or watched great acting? In each case, someone spent years honing their skills to make it appear effortless. Yet we are quick to criticize from the comfort of our 20oz beer mug in the 300 level. Now think about your skill set and what you can bring to any situation. Did you learn and execute all you know immediately?


If you enjoy writing, reading a good book may give you more determination to work on your own novel. You may know someone who went back to school and emerged with a whole new career path. I'm paying close attention to this one because I started a brand new role just a few months ago. My patience with myself is getting tested daily.


No successful person in history has gotten it right the first time. This is one we all need to remember yet it can be tough on those days, you know, those days. After all, business isn't simply created, that's up to us.


It's important to be organized and have a strategic plan. It is equally essential not to settle for good enough - that's what the other guys do. And it's okay to get a little messy once in a while, take some chances and swing at the fence.

Our most important "P" is probably passion.
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