January 20, 2017

The Key Ingredient

Our world is overflowing with websites, books, videos, and lessons on business management. This is a science that is almost as impossible to master as parenting.

I'm an executive recruiter and on more than many occasions, people have said; "Oh, so you're in sales?" Ah, no, not even remotely close. I spend all day getting to know people. I need to find out what they enjoy most about their current role, what roles they may look at to advance their careers, their family dynamic, the list is quite long and very important.

You are not in sales.

In my career, I have had a couple of outstanding mentors who taught me the essence of management from a technical and strategic standpoint while continually reminded me the only element that will mark success or failure - people.

It is not enough to devise an over arching business plan, you need to cover each component in such a process. Those include an organizational map, financial preparation, marketing and media strategy and most importantly a people plan. People study human resources for years and still don’t master it. Top sales people crash and burn as sales managers. And right brain thinkers shrivel up and rot under the crushing avalanche of meetings and protocol.

So as you're looking at new markets, products, or strategic plans, please remember the one element that can crush your business faster than any competitive threat or make your company wildly successfully.

Your people.
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