December 11, 2008

What Is Your #1 Business Relationship Rule?

As we near the end of a tumultuous year with the promise of another one on the way, many are reflecting as they often do near the Holidays. Of course it is time to get together with friends and family, to recharge the proverbial batteries and refocus our newly found energy.

Everyone needs and deserves a break but few of us feel we can afford that luxury right now. Simply put, we have to take our eyes off the work and money road and give ourselves times for reflection.

My passions are music, media, entertainment, social media, and marketing. What I’m excited about is the wonderful possibilities for us to integrate our forces and our projects. It is time for us to meld ideas and partners in projects for mutual benefit.

Above all, my true passions are: accountability, teamwork, strategy and focus.

Over the last couple of days, I have been asking a simple question on Twitter: What is our #1 business relationship rule? Thanks for all the responses! I did receive some of the expected ones like:

- Follow up on what you promise
- Under promise and over deliver
- Do what you say you will do

When possible, true integration is when all parties work together from the beginning.

Some other responses included:

Near Real Time Response
Love this one! Prove it with action. Again, the more information and input you can gather from the other people on the project gives you a better chance to respond swiftly and accurately.

Never Forget The Relationship
This works very well when factions work together at co-creation rather than execution. Relationships are not built on price point, deals and hidden agendas. Jennifer Rice recently wrote an excellent piece on the co-creation of luxury brands.

Relationships take time and trust. And they are more important now than ever!

Never Compromise Your Beliefs Ethics or Reputation
This is obviously different for everyone. The art of the deal, the way we do business, and I win/you lose - happen all the time. If you want to take on this mantra, be prepared to walk away from business. And that is perfectly acceptable.

I admire people who can stick to their beliefs – though speaking as one who always tries to do so; it can put you in situations where people will disappoint you. So be it!

I will add a few of mine: assume nothing, be realistic, share with and include everyone, put your focus on what they need in place of what you need. Or as I often say “I’m not here to cover my butt, I’m here to cover yours”.

The best evidence of future behavior is past behavior.

What Is Your #1 Business Relationship Rule?


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