September 29, 2009

How Much Time Do You Have?

Just Say Hello

I thought it was time to put aside my "busy" schedule to contact a few people I hadn't talked with in a while. There was no agenda, it just a quick note to see how they were doing.

Quite a few of them mentioned how they were "busy", working too much but doing just fine.

Work No Play

It got me thinking of how we live like our time is infinite.

Why don’t we take more chances or go for things we want? Perhaps we think it'll be too difficult to complete? Maybe it’s easier to stay where it’s nice and comfy? Maybe we're just too "busy"?

How About Now?

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. But let's hope we get there. We have a lot of busy and important things on our to-do list.

It all sounds dramatic but have you ever stopped to think about the time you spend waiting and wishing and hoping and worrying instead of doing?

Busy Busy

One of my clients says that "busy" is a victim word. We use it as a crutch or badge of honor. We also use it as a shield to hide from things we don’t want to do, chances we don’t want to take or fears we don’t want to face.

Now What?

Watch Ray Zahab speak at TED2009 about his trek to The South Pole. He is also one of three men who ran the entire length of the Sahara Desert. You can say this dude is focused.

Then think about it. How much time do you have?
I know I am.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."
Joseph Campbell

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