December 1, 2009

Information Super Gridlock

We are pummelled with shards of online content constantly. It's like downtown Cairo traffic.

I saw Henry Rollins a few years ago talking about his trip to Egypt and he said there are four lane highways with six lanes of traffic.

The chatter, garbage and noise begin to blur while our ability to decipher crap from non-crap is tougher every day.

Good or Bad?

Technorati monitors around 200 million blogs; there are opinion columns, online news sites, forums, chat rooms and social networking spaces that give us choice. And that's over and above all the news, sports, information and entertainment portals.

But these options have created a problem. We have too much choice and all the good stuff is mixed with the stuff we don’t want or care about. That's why we often visit the same sites everyday, we are frozen in indecision.

The World Wide Maze

Search Engine Optimizationists (it’s a word now, just made it up) say it’s all about rank, bloggers stomp their keyboards for free speech and we marketing/social media types talk about open source conversations and collaboration.

If you don’t reside in those worlds, you don’t care. You just want to be entertained, informed and get details on that new rider mower. And you may not want someone to tell you what to choose or think.

How do you navigate the deafening racket?

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