December 28, 2009

Resolution 2010 | Three Words

Pick Three

It’s been a tradition forever. As the year ends we all find reasons to make a list.

There’s a list of personal goals, professional benchmarks, habits to break, mind spaces to explore, dreams to realize.

One is the concept of summing up how you want your year to go with three words.

I posed the question today on Twitter.

The question remains, we will follow our three words in 2010?

Here are some responses...

SueVG Learn, Build, Persevere

LindaIreland Challenge. Possibility. Optimism

shiraabel Peace. Love. Prosperity.

prettyh Live life fully!

Robbie_J Get more sleep. Play more golf. talk in person.

AskAroundOttawa Like the idea of 3 words for 2010 much more than resolutions. Shall be giving this some thought.

nlongtin STOP. THE. WARS.

creightonc Health, Sanity, & Fun.

jpblogger What so funny about peace, love and understanding? My three for the ages.

dixbert just be happy.

SuzeMuse perhaps we should all first look at our 2009 three words. Mine were Connect, Difference and Positive. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

SuzeMuse still working on them. My first inclination was beer, wings and nachoes. But that might not work so well. ;)

RendaInDSM Do Something BIG!

kbleggett Peace, Love & Happiness..(sounds cliche but they work for me).

mikesansone Let's Find Out

ottawasteph Poor get poorer.

artistsandy Compassion, Appreciation and Play

LizScherer believe in yourself

What are your three words for 2010?

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