December 14, 2009

What Is Your Holiday Greeting Prefence?

Email or snail mail. Festive tweet or Christmas card.

It was a difficult year but perhaps we can chalk it up to character building? Let’s go with that. As 2009 draws to an end, some good cheer is being exchanged.

I was speaking with a colleague last week and she had to cut the call short because she had to go write out client Christmas cards.

Then I wondered if we prefer cards or emails or e-cards or Facebook wall posts or think the electronic idea is better for the environment or is it simply important that the message is sent no matter the medium?

It was time for an impromptu Twitter poll. I wondered if you preferred a festive email or card in the mail or did it matter. A shout-out to mom who has been doing cards for decades - received mine last week.

This survey was held at around 8:15am on December 14, 2009 for about ten minutes – aka very official and highly scientific.

Here are the results...

@TWalk I don't send holiday cards, personal or business. Try to keep up with friends year-round.

@Thebookmaven I can't resist real cards in the mail. But some festive/photo emails are really terrific.

@mdbenoit2 Definitely card in the mail.

@SuzeMuse I am pretty proud of myself that I managed to send a few Christmas cards this year.

@tommyvaller I'm going to vote festive coffee or beer meeting. I'd much rather spend 10 minutes in person than any time on the phone. I'm sending the paper ones out today and prefer getting the paper kind, personally.

@fendergurl email always makes it there on time. (maybe a better 'green' holiday option)

@Robbie_J still love the hands-on feel of a proper Christmas card.

@slboval Post please. I am traditional that way.

@HeatherLeson Both. I have a large number of elderly relatives who love hand-written cards. Plus, there's a certain charm in getting mail.

@carolinekealey We did a donation to Snowsuit Fund and an e-card this year, and got lots of positive feedback for the eco-friendly switch

@Florina_B My choice: holiday cards on paper, more personalized...brings more joy

@ivan007 cards please

@AvrilAutopsy I'm old fashioned I like snail mail

@LizScherer I bought cards but have yet to write them. A festive email might suffice. Not mass tho - individual.

@wojtekhoch Both. I do both e-cards and Physical mail. There is something special about handwritten cards.

@Hannechr Prefer to give the greeting in person; but a card is always nice.

@joshchandler Festive email. Ha, there's no original thought or effort made, just electronic bits on a screen (lame!).

@gwenmccauley Holiday cards in the mail or festive email. What is your preference? I prefer to ignore Christmas!

@Lissansky Cards for the bosses, festive Facebook wall posts for everyone else :)

@OttMomGo Send cards in mail and like to get same. Get few email

@kbleggett As green as I try to be I still send out Xmas cards every year to family & friends around the globe.

@KarenHooper Still love to get Christmas cards in the mail.

What is your Holiday greeting preference?

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