January 8, 2010

Facebook Changes Colors

Human Mediums.

The social networking chatter has become deafening. To some, too much of the focus has been about campaigns and add-ons, quick fixes and magic tricks.

Human networking can be exquisite.

And with that in mind, we come to the mysterious Facebook color status updates.

You may have seen them, mostly from your friends who are women.

Instead of the usual personable content added to someone’s name, there is simply a color. Red, black, white, pink, orange, green, yellow, etc.

What does it all mean?

Some suggest it is tied to breast cancer awareness. If it is, then run with it. It is a devastating disease that affects all of us. The colors are a reference to the bra they are currently wearing.

If this is all simply a worldwide event for the purpose of networking and fun, then pick a color any color and go for it.

What says you?

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