May 16, 2010

Business Spring Cleaning

Here Among The Boxes

You flip the basement light on and the search begins. You swear you bought one last year at that hardware store sale and put it in a place for safe keeping.

No one needs it in September but now that May has arrived it’s time to find it. It’s in here somewhere.

It’s clearly time for some spring cleaning. It’s time to get rid of the junk, clear out what you were keeping for the sake of keeping and focus on the important stuff. What may strike you is that every single item was once bought or acquired. A transaction had to happen.

Venue is Irrelevant

That is the same with your business, your marketing and your social media efforts. Stuff doesn’t just appear in the basement in a box that you haven’t opened in five years. You put it there.

You labelled it and put it with the rest of the ‘I may need this one day’ pile.

We have sadly seen far too many use the chilling term “cleaning house” to mean they are firing people en mass. Some revel in the fact that they can positively affect the bottom line with one ugly Tuesday and some severance packages.

You don’t want to just get rid of all the stuff in the basement just because it’s been in boxes for a while, open them and see what’s inside.

Tweet and Win

You may know that social media are growing in leaps and bounds. You may have heard there are people who can help you navigate this space. You may also know that simply having profiles collecting dust is not participation.

Be aware of those selling snake oil versus those who can help you build your business. We all have boxes in our basement filled with "I think I need that".

Sparkle and Shine

Spring and Clean are great words – they are fresh and optimistic. You can feel the warm sun beaming in the spotless room.

A clean physical office may not mean your strategic business plan, marketing execution or social media activity is in order. And taking stuff to the dump before you examine its effectiveness may not be wise strategy either.

When was your last business Spring cleaning?

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