May 12, 2010

Have To or Get To?

Change Just One Word

Like you, I'm running fast.

I have to prospect and work with clients. I have to constantly do research and learn new stuff. I realize I am not unique.

I have to give myself a pep talk in the morning. I have to make the get done list as no one will get it done for me.

Sound Familiar?

I have to push myself when I am tired. I have to be there when my clients need me. I have to reach out and meet new people. I have to develop pipelines of opportunity and I have to network often.

I have to motivate myself. I have to prospect for new business. I have to contribute to the conversation. I have to engage and create. And so do you!

Then a friend sent me an email and reminded me how fortunate I am. She changed one word that changed everything.

Think about your situation. You have to do a lot of stuff but what if you lifted the weight and looked at things from a much more positive stance. I get to run a company. I get to help clients. I get the freedom to do what I want to do for a living. I get to understand that it’s up to me to improve my situation.

It can be tough to ensure your business is successful. We have bills. We have deadlines. We have stress.

We don't have to connect with new people on Twitter. We don't have to write a blog post today. We don't have to put ourselves in to new situations with new people. We get to do all that cool stuff.

Think about that the next time you say you have to do something.

Can you change one word and make all the difference in your business and career? Do you have to or do you get to?

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