June 19, 2010

Five Things: Changing Status Quo

Frog For Lunch

Brian Tracy coined the phrase eat the frog which points to how we procrastinate about the things we want to do the least.

Tracy's point is to look at those things and do them first. We have to eat the frog eventually.

Trust Your People

Trust your hiring practices, trust your coaching ability, trust your team to carry out your vision. If you feel you can’t trust people, don’t blame them, look at your leadership skills and communication practices. Trusting your people means trusting yourself.

Work Is Not A Location

Far too many managers take the attitude that you need to be behind your desk in order to be effective. If someone wants to work remotely, let them give it a try. If someone wants to experiment with some flex time, measure the downside of adopting it. Unless you're in an industry where people must be in the building, mix things up and see how creativity can flow in a different direction.

Hire Smarter Than You

This is not a competition of who has read the most books or has the most experience. Surround yourself with smart people, find those who know more about certain aspects of your industry than you and celebrate it. Get over your own self-proclaimed greatness and make it about them.

Be Uncomfortable

Unfold your arms, loosen up, drive a different way to work, let someone else run the meeting, do something to make work resemble being alive and not work, resist temptation to dismiss ideas you may not understand at first.

What will you challenge in your business?

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