June 23, 2010

Social Networking Outliers and Connectors

Lend a Hand. Take a Hand.

We are not created equal. We are not all born with the same opportunities. Not everyone has a legitimate shot of making it.

This is not to challenge the religious community but rather a look at who we are and how we navigate life and business. And more important, what we're going to do about it.

Where To Start.

Malcolm Gladwell shares numerous examples in his book The Outliers to illustrate that talent alone is not enough to realize success.

It takes a lot of hard work and opportunity. Our birth date, upbringing, what our grandparents did, the people around us, the doors opened for us and what we do with all of that, shapes our path to success.

Look At Your List.

Take a moment and jot down a list of the people who have helped you – really helped you. These are the same people that connect most of the important people in your life – or another Gladwell theory – connectors.

These are the people connected to most of the people you know. They have given you those nuggets of business advice you needed to step on the next rung. They handed you that business card of a prospect that turned in to a lifelong relationship. They have helped in ways you may not even know how to measure. And you have done the same for others.

The Social Media Even Playing Field.

The opportunities are there for all of us to enjoy but we are not all made the same way. If you have met me, you know I am not a shy or quiet guy! I am no wallflower. But what if you are quiet and reserved and don’t know what to share or write or say online?

This is where Gladwell’s theory rings true again. Find those who will help you. Take your time. This is not a competition. We don’t need everyone to look and sound the same. Find your own voice. Figure out what works best for you. And despite those who claim there are no rules then complain when one is broken, there are no rules. You will eventually discover your own guidelines.

We All Get Stuck.

I hit a big snag last week and reached out to two of my most trusted advisers to kick my butt then give me concrete thoughts on how to navigate through it. I met both through the social web.

The most successful people can always point to how they got there and to the people who helped them along the way. Anyone who claims to be self-made is even lying to themselves.

Take your time, find your voice, take a hand, lend a hand. You are not on your own, you do not make it alone and neither do I.

What says you?

Helping you integrate all you do with all you do.

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