June 14, 2010

What Do You Do?

Not What's On Your Card.

I get that question every day.
What about you? Your answer is probably your job title. And that barely tells the story.

I have a client who helps people secure their financial future. I have another client who puts her clients at ease during tough times.

Help Don't Tell.

There is a client who makes certain that his customers feel secure in the most important purchase of their lives. There is another client who oversees a large organization from the inside. She ensures the workspace is a good place to spend 2,000 hours a year.

That’s what they do, not what’s on their business cards.

But we do seem to beg for titles. I help companies and business people improve their game. That includes overall strategy which encompasses more things that can be put on a card or website. I help you integrate all you do with all you do.

Think of your mentors or your group of advocates.

Look at those people who have helped and continue to help you with your path. No doubt you do the same for them or others. Are they on your team because of their career path or job title?

I have two clients on my board of directors who help me with feedback on how I am doing for them but also for some overall advice on how to better my game.

What Is Your ROI?

There is a lot said about return on investment and too often it has a dollar figure attached. Make your numbers and you’re good, fail to reach the bar and we have problems. Is that the only way of measuring success?

We’re adults, we run companies, we want to make profits and we want to improve the bottom line. But is that done with people who have clear job titles filed neatly in departments, or is it because of what each individual brings?

I help individuals and companies improve their game. I don't own a cookie cutter or a set of preformed answers.

Look around your office, your space, your life and see who you have around you. Are they there because of what they do for a living or who they are as people?

So forget your job title for a moment. What do you do?

Helping you integrate all you do with all you do.

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