August 2, 2010

Inflating Expectation

Do you know how customers or clients perceive you?

Do you know how they talk about you? How they feel about you? What they tell others about you?

Create or Deliver.

You may have heard the story of Frank and Bob - the managers of two different oil and lube places.

Both got the idea of offering a free car wash to every customer.

Frank printed up pamphlets, put a sandwich board out front, painted the window, put another sign by the customer service desk and devised an abrasive advertising campaign, all to tell the world about his special offer.

Bob simply washed customers' cars.

Who got more complaints?

Which guy had a line-up of satisfied customers who told everyone and which guy had to endure complaints from customers who were unhappy about their less-than-perfect previously promised car wash?

Bob exceeded expectation. Frank created inflated expectation.

Surprise and Delight.

Perhaps tuck in a little something extra when merited without making a fuss or a previous promise.

Possibly the under promise over deliver model is alive and well.

If you do those unexpected things your USP will become a lot clearer.

Do you think it will work?

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