August 4, 2010

Our Gadget Laden Lives

The Power of Next.

If you read or follow or even skim any technology news you know there is a new thing to ogle over several times a day.

Yesterday, RiM announced the BlackBerry Torch. It's in stores in the U.S. August 12th, no Canadian date announced yet.

The iPad took over the news channels when Apple released it. Then Jobs & Co. released the iPhone4 to mixed reviews. Don't worry, the iPhone5 will be here soon.

No less than six manufacturers are working on a tablet solution. Android beat iPhone in sales. Some reports say the Apple Cube in NYC has more visitors each year than the Empire State Building. Uncrate has over a quarter of a million daily visitors, Mashable has just over three million and Gizmodo has almost five million.

We love our toys, we love reading about them, sharing our thoughts about them and comparing them.

Most under 20 year olds use texting and messaging more than phoning on their mobile device and it's growing with older demos.

We have choice and price, options and colors, touch screens and qwerty. And other than wondering if we'll ever get to a truly wireless world or if a battery will ever last more than a few hours, one question remains...

Is it about the gadget or the community?

Helping you integrate all you do with all you do.

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image credit: dreamstime | channel4 | eikongraphia
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