August 17, 2010

Rolling the Digital Dice

Abandoning Traditional Media

Your mind begins to wander as you dream about all the things you’ll buy when you win the jackpot. One roll and your dreams will come true. Money will be no object.

Now imagine you have a company or product. How will you get all you desire? Will you daydream about being wildly successful? Let it ride on one role and call it strategy?

Outbound Online Only

It seems simple enough to create a Facebook group, add a Twitter stream, start a blog and wait for the customers show up. You have the self-ringing phone so the new customer making web presence will do its magic in no time, right?

After all, we have seen the explosion of social media in the last 5-6 years (although social networking is as old as humans) with websites such as Twitter, Mashable, Huffington Post and YouTube which were built for the online experience. So it stands to reason you can do the same with your business, right? Easy peasy.

Paradigm Crushed

Take the time to build and you stand a better chance of permeating your message into the consciousness of users. Blast people and don't expect them to dance.

Some say social media doesn't work and it's a waste of time, others think it's the golden bullet, while others believe what they did last year will work again this year.

Who Me So-Me?

I often see stories about the death of traditional media. Print is in trouble, no one listens to radio anymore, billboards are ineffective, direct mail doesn't work, television is expensive and everyone has a PVR.

A bad idea on any medium remains a bad idea. Abandoning an integrated media approach in place of a digital-only strategy may result in a die in the wood, roll no good.

Or as my colleague Mitch Joel says - it's not 'instead of' it's 'in addition to'.

What's your roll?

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