September 30, 2010

41 Business Ideas

• Make a Plan
• Never stop learning
• Write every day
• You can’t do it all
• Coach well
• Ask for what you want
• Trust yourself
• Meet strangers
• Accept help
• Read outside of your expertise

• Find your weaknesses and delegate them
• Work smart not hard. Then work hard
• Walk away once in a while
• Tell your friends and family then get back to work
• Don’t take it personally, it’s business
• Eliminate activities that will not grow your business
• Follow through on what you promise
• The customer is not always right, they need your help
• Schedule regular think time
• Others’ opinions are their opinions, that’s all
• Find smarter people than you and hire or work with them
• Don’t confuse activity with progress
• Allow talent to grow
• Identify your strengths and exploit them
• Remember you are allowed a life
• Allot time for surprises
• Covering your butt is not a strategy
• Revisit and revise your Plan
• Provide superior customer service
• Read every day
• Know you don’t know what you don’t know
• Stick to your Plan
• Panic rarely solves anything
• Do one or two things really well
• Luck will occur if the focus remains
• Get an outside unbiased opinion of your company
• It’s hard work, pace yourself
• Respect your competitors
• Hire well
• Act with evidence, not emotion
• Meet someone new every week

What would you add to the list?


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