September 10, 2010

Do You Have a People Plan?

We are social media.

Unless you work in a fully automated business where you are the only human involved, you work with people.

And it takes many people to make the machines to create a fully automated workspace so you're always working with people in one way or another.

We live in a time where stuff appears and we integrate it into our lives without much thought.

It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes a community to build a business.

The notion that we are going to survive in a world where the boss barks the orders and the minions carry out her wishes in neatly formed cubicles is both archaic and broken. People are working in their homes, bars, coffee shops, airports, via cell phone and through telecommunications. People have surpassed the drone mentality.

This is not our grand parents business environment.

The world is becoming more digitally social. The largest aggregated social networking site on the planet is QQ from mainland China which has over one billion subscribers. Facebook has over half a billion, Twitter is approaching 200 million, three quarters of North Americans have Internet access and there are more than 4.6 billion cell phones currently in use around the world.

Mobile penetration is increasing every day and our ability to connect to each other is getting simpler and easier by the week.

Technology is not just making fun gadgets and toys but solving real human crises as well. Yet companies are still focused solely on revenue.

There is nothing human about the bottom line.

Money is important, it keeps businesses in business but without employees, stakeholders, associates and ultimately customers the company doesn’t exist.

We are a connected world. We are finding similar thinking people across thought silos not just proximity circles.

How does that relate to your business?

These are people and they are wired up, hooked up, creating their own customized user experiences and yet many companies are still grappling with this whole social media thing.

Concentrate on their behavior and your actions. This has absolutely nothing to do with a particular web portal, this is about us wanting to be creative human beings.

When developing a business plan, do you think it is equally imperative to keep your eye on a people plan?

Create experiences not campaigns.

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