February 23, 2012

How Do You Present Yourself?

Whether you do professional speaking, facilitate workshops, coach professionals or attend conference calls – which makes up a lot of my work time - or you simply navigate regular business relationships, there is one common element we all share. It is what makes us similar and vastly different. It is something that we can implement or destroy.

From our constant human interaction – through technology, the social web, email or in-person – this is one element that we carry with us all the time. But the question remains whether we activate it or not. We all have the potential to use it but it’s not as simple as taking it out and showing it to the world. Action and perseverance are required.

Nancy Duarte has been studying this topic as well as what makes a great presentation for many years and she explains both in her 2011 TEDx Talk.

If you do presentations, speak in front of an audience or simply navigate everyday life, this video is 18 minutes well spent.

Kneale Mann

visual credit: Nancy Duarte | TED
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