September 16, 2010

One Simple Question

Without it, business grinds to a halt.

It's the one question we often fail to ask right away. Perhaps because it isn't always easy to ask. Guilty!

Those who do it consistently get more business.

People who do it every single time, weed out the real customers from the tire kickers.

Ask, ask and ask again.

You could offer the best service or product since the dawn of time and without this imperative question, you won't sell a thing.

If the prospect doesn't want to answer, they are fishing and we are the bait. If we don't ask, we have no one to else to blame.

If you are in business discussions, this would not be your first question but one you need to ask before the work begins - which includes giving away too much.

Let them know you are serious and you are willing to discuss this opportunity when they are as well. And free is not serious.

If you want to meet potential customers first, ensure you ask the question before you book the second meeting.

What is that question?

Let's create experiences not campaigns.

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