October 21, 2010

Fear. Educate. Organize. Implement.

Your business is not a campaign and your people are not all the same.

I think the reason most organizations are having trouble navigating the new ways of communication stems from fear and that's okay as long as you recognize that. Once that happens, you can then educate yourselves with what is out there and how you can activate some of those ideas in your company.

Once you educate - which is an ongoing process - you can then begin to organize thoughts and departments and job descriptions. This is not an overnight process, but it is a process that needs to happen.

So you deal with the fear by educating and organizing then you need to implement some of what you've learned into your organization. Again, this won't happen right away. There are no quick fixes and everyone in your company has a different view of this stuff.

If you can implement some new ideas, then the review and revise process begins.

This is a cool video that was produced by Jesse Thomas or as many know him JESS3. If you are having trouble grasping the explosion of the Internet, social media, mobile and digital, this may excite you, this may scare you. Some of the stats are out-of-date but focus on the overall message.

This is about human behavior not theory. And if you embrace it, you may just be able to battle the fear, educate each other, organize what works and begin to implement. [video]


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