December 21, 2010

2011 Check-List

For some, it is the quietest time of the year. To others, this is the most important month of revenue for the entire fiscal. Some are going into work and making themselves look busy. While others won't see blue sky for a few more weeks. And we should send out a special thanks to anyone working retail right now!

What do you do?

It's amazing to connect to people across the world through the social web. However, we spend so little time actually getting to know what each of us does for a living or for fun.

If you have some downtime over the Holidays, spend a little time on some profiles and websites. You may gain valuable ideas for the coming year. It could unearth a new business contact or client.

Plan. Prepare. Proceed.

Another idea is to go through your schedule for the past year and note where you may want to revisit a meeting or book a follow-up discussion that now seems unfinished.

There is obviously more to life than work but if we are going to spend so much time in the media, on the blogosphere, on Facebook, on Twitter and in meetings complaining about the economy, perhaps we can all skip a nog or two to work on some things that will make next year even better.

What will you do in the next 10 days to ensure a kick ass 2011?

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