December 29, 2010

Best of 2010 | According to You

If you do a lot of reading on the net, you may have an aggregated solution where your favorite website feeds reside. This is handy so you can keep all the posts in one place. You can then read them when you have time as well as archive them for future use.

RSS (really simple syndication) has changed how content is shared online because you can have all your favorite sites fed to one location on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

I meet people often who are not aware of that little orange button on sites and the fact they can create their own online experience through customized feeds.

Solutions include: Google Reader, RSSreader, Feedreader, Flock, Juice, FeedDemon, NewsFire and many more listed here.

Another piece of software you can add to your aggregated feed is PostRank. This is real-time analysis based on traffic, relevance and trending by the readers and gives every post on every site a score out of ten.

This is a list of this site's most visited and highest ranked posts from 2010. Each received a score of six or higher.

Beware of the Wall
The Language of Business
The Digital Arm Wrestle
Punch The Clock
Imagine. Invent. Integrate
The Social Media Shift
Five Things: Changing Status Quo
Social Networking Outliers and Connectors
Clich├ęs and Experts
Business in Summer
37 Social Networking Ideas
Passion for Education
Creating Your Social Brand
Social Media Tools | Now What?
A Dozen Ideas on Choosing Your Media
Inflating Expectation
Our Gadget Laden Lives
Return on What Investment?
Who Needs Marketing?
Six Ideas to Silence the Chatter
Fame and Fortune Guaranteed
Do You Have a People Plan?
Social Media: A Twelve Step Program
41 Business Ideas
Difficult Clients
Connect Don’t Collect
It’s Tougher Than It Looks
The Platform for Change
Finding Passion
The Anatomy of Communication
Make Great Stuff
It’s All Social Media
All of This is Gone
Reflecting on Time
Don’t Listen to Them
The Allure of Twitter
Winning The Success Lottery
Do You Have A Jenny?
34 Reasons to be Thankful
Context is King
ROSI | Return on Social Investment
This Stuff Takes Time
The Tangled Web We Tweet


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