December 31, 2010

Ideas for 2011 (part 1)

• Read more, skim less
• Turn your phone off
• Of course you can
• Don't wait for approval
• Forget the past
• Spend more time with people you love
• Dream big, do bigger
• Don’t live on Twitter
• Be gracious
• Make quick decisions
• Numbers are irrelevant
• Stop comparing your effort to others
• Take one digital day off a month
• Enjoy the ride
• Stop doing anything that weakens you
• Say no until you get three things accomplished each day
• Keep an open mind
• Busy is a victim word
• Plan ahead then be flexible
• Let it be okay to be wrong
• One day each month – no new business
• Ask for help
• Help someone without their knowledge
• Reach higher
• Don't rest on past accomplishments
• Wear more hats
• Get to know ten new people each week
• Take time off
• More face-to-face than phone calls
• Go for it
• Don't lead with your resume
• Listen more
• Eradicate unnecessary meetings
• Ignore the news
• Sing often
• Let them be right
• You’ll never been done
• Say thank-you

Part two tomorrowWhat would you add? 

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