January 1, 2011

Ideas for 2011 (part 2)

• Trust your gut
• Do something ridiculous
• Be more tolerant
• Success is not a number
• Follow through
• Focus on how
• Take the victory
• Be confident without boasting
• Do your part
• Of course you can do it
• Make time for think time
• You're not always right
• Hone the offer
• You are not a social media expert and neither am I
• Don't wait
• Find the lesson
• Keep learning
• Make a list of people you want to work with then make it happen
• If you want to then do it
• Thank a friend
• Read five profiles each week
• Don’t settle
• It really has nothing to do with numbers
• You're not always wrong
• Exceed expectations
• Don't just collect followers, friends and connections, get to know them
• Collaborate wildly
• You’re just as worthy as anyone
• Don't be mean
• You are not expected to have all the answers
• Smile more
• Own it all - not just the good stuff
• Chocolate is a food group
• There's much more to life than work
• Help others
• Do what you say you will do
• Lighten up
• Trust yourself
• Stop talking about the economy
• Say why not
• You are social media expert and so am I
• Consume more funny
• Focus on strengths
• More face time
• Eliminate soap boxes
• Good enough is not good enough
• Be yourself

What's missing?

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