January 21, 2011

Simplifying Complex Problems

Life can be as complicated as we make it. How often do you hear someone or yourself use the word “busy” throughout your day? It’s as if we find comfort in being busy with tasks and deadlines, meetings and responsibilities. We wear busy like a badge of honor. After all, who among us would ever dream of admitting we have blocked off some time to think and plan?

Often when you check in with a colleague, they will predicate any response with the level of busy they are experiencing which is usually high.

Add to all this, we have this penchant for making simple things complicated while we find difficulty in making complex concepts rather simple. We do it in the business sphere when we have long meetings with no agenda and waste our time on stuff that won't lead us to solutions.

Eric Berlow is an ecologist who loves to study what you and I may find overwhelming to find the simplest concepts inside. [video]

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