March 11, 2011

Encore: We Are Cross Media

You are More Advanced Than You Realize

If you look at the ways in which you navigate conversations you will soon realize that the tools become irrelevant.

In the course of a day, you may talk to people in person, over the phone, through texting, on Twitter, with a Facebook or regular email and perhaps even (though rare) a hand written note.

Look at Your Next Meeting

Some people have their laptops, others are using their smartphones, some may be taking physical notes with a pen and paper and the lead is using PowerPoint to go over the project. During breaks, the discussion continues with actual conversations and the culmination of the group experience will hopefully be a better solution.

Technology became a catalyst not a prominent player. Note what happens when the power goes out and you will quickly find out how well we can communicate void of virtually any technology.

Selecting the Medium

If someone sends you an email, you will probably respond via email. But how often has that long tail conversation switched media? Suddenly the dinner plans are discussed on the phone, a group invite may go out through an electronic calendar reminder and the restaurant website is accessed to make the reservation.

Note how much you use technology as a crutch versus how often it simply accelerates your work, your business, your relationships, your social networking and you.

Kneale Mann

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Originally posted: September 2010
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