May 31, 2011

Is Your Company Socialized?

The Ever-Growing To-Do List

We could probably theorize for the next five years about what channels work best, who knows more, what blog templates are most effective, how to maximize your search results and a long list of things we are all supposed to care about these days.

Last week, the internet connection went down in my office for three hours. I called my provider and in fact there was a problem in the area of my office. It got me thinking how reliant we are on technology. How reliant are we on each other?

Technology meets Human Collaboration

Next week, I have the privilege of writing a guest post for Mark Schaefer. His Grow Community is growing in leaps and I am honoured he asked me to help out. I decided to write about a passion of mine and that is building social business. I will make note of the guest post here as well.

This is a collective out of Copenhagen called Leader Lab which is doing fascinating work in the area of social business.

Kneale Mann

visual credit: leaderlab
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